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Simon Lau

VP of Product at, helping people capture, find, and share live conversations with AI

Chang Chen

Chang Chen is the Head of Growth & Marketing at She has 10+ years of experience in growth and marketing for 2B and consumer SAAS companies.

Sydney Kuntz

Sydney Kuntz is a freelance writer who likes using interactive media to tell diverse stories. She writes about ice hockey for SB Nation while she finishes her BA in Journalism at American University.

Joel Gershon

Joel Gershon teaches Media Studies at American University and has written and produced for news outlets such as CNN, Monocle, and Wired. His first documentary film "Cirque du Cambodia." is coming.

James Chadwick

Ross Rubin

Ross Rubin is principal analyst at Reticle Research. He has tracked advanced technology for more than 20 years. He writes for ZDNet and Fast Company, and co-hosts the Techspansive podcast.

Shaira Williams

S Williams is a tech enthusiast and fitness enthusiast. She writes about technology, apps, WordPress and a variety of other topics. In her free time, she likes to play golf and read books.

Michael Brein

Michael Brein, The Travel Psychologist, is an author, lecturer, travel storyteller, adventurer, and publisher of travel books and guides.

Tanya Mozias Slavin

Tanya Mozias Slavin is a writer with a Ph.D. in Linguistics. Her articles on language and technology have appeared in Fast Company, CBC, Washington Post, and other places.

Seda Babayan

Seda is the Content Manager at Krisp. When she’s not busy creating content, you can find her exploring new technologies and searching for the next big thing in marketing.

Robert Firebaugh