Choose Who You Share With

How Privacy Works When You Share

At, your privacy is paramount to us. We know some conversations are meant to stay between just you or certain people. Which is why we have made available settings so you have complete control over who has access to your conversations. We also understand that at work or in your organization the need to share and collaborate information is what enables you to move effectively and innovate as a business. Below we have detailed the many different ways you can share your conversations so you can choose the one(s) that best fits your circumstance.

Share with Specific People

You can privately share a conversation to specific people by entering their email addresses. They will receive a link to the conversation (Otter login required) via email. Otter will also automatically create a group consisting of you and the recipient(s) so you can share more conversations to the same group easily.

Share with a Group

You can privately share a conversation to an Otter group by selecting one in the dropdown list. All group members will receive a link to the conversation (Otter login required) via email.

Share a Link

You can publicly share a view-only link of a conversation (no Otter login required). Anyone with the link can view and playback the conversation.

Editor / Commenter / Viewer Permission

When you private share a conversation with specific people or an Otter group, you can choose what they can do with it.

  • Viewer can view, playback, add highlights, and export the text and audio of the conversation, but not comment or edit.
  • Commenter can comment, in addition to what a Viewer can do, but not edit the conversation.
  • Editor can edit the conversation and add images, in addition to what a Commenter can do.