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Stay engaged in your meeting and let capture the conversation for you.

The Chrome Extension for Google Meet transcribes and captions the meeting in real time, and saves the recording transcript to your Otter account. Google Meet transcription is available in all plans with no extra charge. offers the best automatic live transcription and note-taking experience for virtual and in-person meetings. is available in English across Web, iOS, Android, Zoom, and Google Meet..


1. In Chrome browser, go to in the Chrome Web Store.
2. Click Add to Chrome, then click Add extension.

3. Click the extension icon from the toolbar, then click the pin icon.

Check out this tutorial video to see these steps in action.


1. Start Google Meet in Chrome browser.
2. Click on the Chrome Extension icon to open it.

3. Sign up or log in to your Otter account, if you haven't already.
4. Optionally select an Otter group to share this recording transcript.
5. Click the Record button to start.

6. Click the CC button to see the closed captions. Move and resize the panel, and adjust the font size as needed.
7. Click the || button to pause, then either click Resume Recording or Stop Recording.
8. The Google Meet transcription and recording is automatically saved in your Otter account.

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