Enterprise collaboration enters the innovation fast lane

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The collaboration tools we use are iterating rapidly, driven by the huge surge in remote working as evidenced by the massive success of Zoom.

While most enterprise meetings are more sedate than those at Handforth Parish Council, collaboration tools are evolving rapidly, driven by the global work-from-home (WFH) surge and in the use of Zoom, which now claims 467,100 customers and saw revenues climb 326% year-on-year on the strength of the move to remote work in 2020.

Most recently, we’ve seen collaboration software merchants focus on translation, transcription, and partnership as they stake out space in what many expect will be more remote-friendly future working practices.

More enterprise-focused collaboration tools, such as MeisterTask, are also achieving a wider profile as thoughts turn to a future hybrid workplace. Here are a few iterative improvements that have emerged in recent weeks in this arena.

Webex gains real-time translation

One of Apple’s most widely used business communication tools, Cisco Webex, now boasts real-time translation across over 100 languages as the battle for video collaboration services continues to intensify. It means users will be able to preview real-time translations from English into those languages from within Webex. The translations are provided by artificial intelligence.

The company says it hopes the new feature will help improve international collaboration within teams, and plans to introduce immersive sharing of content in meetings later this year.

Otter.ai for Meet and Zoom

Perhaps one of the most useful apps around, Otter.ai can now record and transcribe meetings from within Google Meet and Zoom. It will also deliver live video captioning during Zoom Pro calls. The feature is seen as an accessibility tool, but has obvious use when meeting participants want to clarify statements or for putting original transcripts together from which to build meeting minutes and other tasks.

It’s a great tool for interview transcriptions, and works online, with iOS, and Androidt.