Featured Ethical Business Strategist — Lucie Chiochetti

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When done right, meetings can be the gateway to innovation and progress. Therefore, recording the proceedings of these events is just as important as it helps gauge progress and understand everyone's opinions and pain points.

Meet Ethical Business Strategist Lucie Chiochetti. She runs a small business and uses Otter to keep track of all that goes on in her meetings with her staff as well as clientele. She has found Otter to be incredibly handy in several ways. For starters, it makes note-taking easier than ever, saves time, and helps her be more productive.

Lucie says that before Otter, she would waste a lot of precious time in transcribing meetings and recording the minutes all by herself.

Time is money, and there is no use spending it on tasks that can be automated. She wasn't being very productive, which is something Lucie realized after using Otter to transcribe and save her meetings.

"I am a terrible note-taker, and oh my God, I was losing so much time."

Running a small business can be a stressful ordeal. Entrepreneurs like Lucie have to do everything by themselves. Lucie felt the pressure of her work severely as she had so much to keep track of. But she has found an innovative tool in Otter.

"I am so glad I found the app that you created because it is a lifesaver for me, as a small business owner who does everything on her own and who needs to find time whenever she can."

Otter offers keyword and transcription features that can be used in several ways. For Lucie, this means having a quick reference library of meeting notes that she can refer to in the future. She even uses it to dictate notes and send out quick messages to her team.

Otter happens to be the perfect match for her and the tasks she has to perform as a business strategist working for herself.

"The feature I love the most is all of it because it can help me do everything I want, which is great."

It's plain to see that a transcription application can be beneficial for those who attend meetings several times a day, every day. Otter can genuinely help record meeting minutes, so you can refer to them later on and make further notes if needed.

Lucie loves Otter so much that she even recorded a song proclaiming her undying love for the app!

Lucie's rendition of 'Call Me Maybe,' clearly proves that people are losing their minds over Otter. But jokes aside, we love the creative twist she's put on the lyrics to showcase how she feels about Otter in song beautifully.

"Otter, it's incredible all of the time. I've won since you are a part of my life!"

Starting a business from scratch and running it successfully for five years makes Lucie a legend in the world of entrepreneurship. We hope that with Otter by her side, she'll continue to break more glass ceilings and take her business higher.

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