Featured CEO — Joanne Brooks

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In the pre-pandemic world, virtual meetings and online seminars were a rarity, usually conducted on an experimental basis only. But now, everyone from business leaders to educators has embraced virtual meetings as part of their daily routine.

Yet this shift poses many challenges to managers and executives who have to conduct meaningful discussions and meetings with their employees and clients regularly.

CEO of a company that provides business coaching and support, Joanne Brooks, has found Otter to be particularly useful during these meetings and webinars.

Joanne Brooks shared how Otter has helped her save valuable time and money. By taking meeting minutes on its own, Otter allows Joanne to focus on the meeting instead. This way, she can pay more attention to delivering her message and providing her clients with useful information.

“I don’t have to take the meeting minutes anymore. I can pay attention to the meeting and give it my full attention.”

Zoom meetings can be very distracting, and for many, they can also be quite ineffective because of the constant audio and video issues. Similarly, poor connectivity can distort the voice of the speaker, resulting in listeners facing difficulty. However, with Otter, Joanne was able to get the transcripts of her audio, which she then sends to her students.

Providing students with audio recordings and transcripts means everyone can concentrate on the learning outcomes during the meetings. So instead of taking notes or worrying about their internet connection, students focus on the valuable insights they receive.

“I use it currently for mentoring my students. So again, I can give them 100% of my attention. I send them the audio so they can reflect on the mentoring session they’ve had with me.”

An audio file with transcription makes it easy for Joanne and her students to keep track of everything; they can always revert to the transcript to learn ways to improve.

This is why Joanne Brooks uses the Otter app to design her courses by getting access to transcriptions of her voice and intonations in the audio. This helps her focus on the language she uses and develop educational materials that match her holistic objectives.

With 20 years of experience running a business and coaching others on creating sustainable businesses, Brooks has extensive knowledge that she wants to share with her mentees. And Otter helps her organize her thoughts, so she doesn’t miss out on any key details and tips.  

“And the other little feature that I absolutely love are the keywords that pop up at the top of the text. Really important when we are doing accredited training here in Australia. If we can weave those words through our conversation, it bolsters our audit outcomes without audit body.”

Otter streamlines work processes and makes them more productive by providing lecture and meeting transcriptions. It also leads to higher engagement, resulting in solid connections.

To guide entrepreneurs to develop robust business processes, Joanne Brooks uses Otter to become more effective at what she does.

“I absolutely love the Otter app. It has been a game-changer for my productivity, for how I can engage with my audience – it’s amazing!”