Featured Entrepreneur - Jason Gurwin

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Jason Gurwin is a co-founder of the site, The Streamable, a news and review site that concentrates on the world of streaming services and devices. Recently, one of the members of the Otter team noticed that Gurwin praised Otter in a tweet, so we reached out to him to see if he might have more to say about how he uses Otter Voice Notes.

The Streamable provides news and information for just about everything concerning streaming and cord cutting, offering reviews and deals on streaming services, advice about the best devices for streaming, as well as feature stories about the latest shows and other industry news. The site was launched just a year ago and now boasts half a million cord-cutters visiting every month.

In order to keep up with the growing popularity of streaming media, The Streamable reports on related media conferences such as The Pay TV Show, an industry event that takes place in Denver, the Promax Entertainment Marketing Conference in LA, or the TV Tomorrow Conference in San Francisco, where executives from YouTube to Hulu address the conference attendees.

The co-founder of The Streamable, Jason Gurwin, says that Otter Voice Notes gives him an edge in the rush to publish newly released information at these conferences. Gurwin says he found himself trying to type all the things being said in order to get stories up just when the news is breaking and that Otter is a tremendous help.

“What Otter allows us to do is create a transcript in real time of what we are listening to,” Gurwin explained. “The Streamable is very much like a real-time news destination for people to learn about these things. So, as we're writing the article during these people’s presentations or panels, we could have an article ready to go the moment that it is over, and it saves us from having to type the quote word for word. We could very quickly put in what we thought we heard, and then do a quick search on Otter and write the exact quote before we publish the story.”

Gurwin also was happy with the fact that he is able to view multiple threads in real time so he can be aware of what is being said in other panel discussions in the same conference at the same time. So if a streaming company is offering a new feature on their service, for example, Gurwin might want to get a writer to quickly start working up a piece based on new information mentioned in that panel, as well as insert photos directly into Otter Voice Notes, another feature Gurwin mentioned that he uses regularly.

Gurwin recognized the value of Otter for his business and recommends that anyone who relies on transcription should at least give the free version a shot.

“It's kind of like a no brainer to try Otter –– the free tier is incredibly compelling,” Gurwin said with enthusiasm. “Then the next tier up, you get so much more at that price point compared to a lot of the other options out there.”