Featured Entrepreneur – Paulina Karpis

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Otter became an essential part of brunchwork’s daily workflow after the pandemic hit. Before Covid 90% of their revenue came from in-person events. They had to quickly pivot their business to an online only platform and build a digital toolkit that could help them thrive.

“We host weekly business classes and workshops now through Zoom. Otter has saved us so much time by converting our videos into text within just minutes. It allows us to focus our attention on what really matters - our customers.”

At their online events, brunchwork taps top industry leaders to speak like Peloton founder Graham Stanton, Nike’s VP of Product Design Jenny Arden and many more. After the events are done, the brunchwork team uploads the Zoom recordings into Otter to help them find key insights. These insights are then compiled into actionable tips in their twice-weekly newsletter.

“Our audience is made up of busy professionals on the go, so it's essential that we create content that offers value. Otter gives us the ability to read our speakers’ spoken words during playback so we can quickly pull out their best insights. One of the most helpful features with this process has been the ability to search by keywords. When you know exactly what you need, but don’t have the time to look for it, being able to keyword search within the transcription is really helpful.”

Otter hasn’t just helped with creating content, the software has also become an important tool for keeping track of day-to-day operations and customers.

brunchwork gets a high volume of business professionals coming through their Business Intensive program each year. Members attend weekly interactive learning classes and special office hours on Zoom. Otter has become a critical place for keeping track of notes and conversations with their members so that they can offer the best customer service and experience.

While brunchwork never anticipated they would have to quickly become an online business, they’re thankful for software like Otter that has helped make this pivot to the digital space smooth.

“It’s really more than a transcription service. It’s become an important part of our team. We can’t recommend Otter enough! It helped boost our digital toolkit so that we could successfully navigate our pivot during the pandemic.”

Paulina Karpis is the cofounder and CEO of brunchwork, a company that provides modern business education via a two-month Business Intensive, membership, and free newsletter. brunchwork has helped provide an affordable MBA alternative to over tens of thousands of millennial professionals.