Featured Freelance Management Consultant - Paul Rogers

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Professional freelancers enjoy the flexibility of being their own boss, providing services to a variety of clients without being tethered to a traditional 9-to-5 salaried position. Working productively as possible is essential to freelance workers, ensuring clients continue to return and rely upon their unique skills and abilities.

As a freelance management consultant, Paul Rogers has lots of autonomy over his work environment and schedule. Because he’s not subjected to corporate restrictions on the tools he’s able to use to carry out work, he’s always interested in new apps and solutions that make his life easier.

Not afraid to be an early adopter of new technologies, Paul has incorporated Otter into his daily workflow and isn’t shy about how much it’s improved his productivity:

Otter is something that I evangelize about to my co-workers or people I interact with. I try to turn them onto Otter — I’m not just somebody who uses this, I’m somebody who uses it and speaks positively about it to others.

Throughout his creative process, Paul turns to Otter to help record new ideas without having to jot down every thought by hand:

I create videos and I’m constantly creating ideas. My workflow, when I’m creating an idea, begins with Otter. I go into Otter and I dictate an idea simply to capture it, and after it’s gone up to the cloud and come back down again, I export it to Evernote and edit it.

Not only does Otter enhance Paul’s creative process, it improves the speed and accuracy of his workflow by replacing typing and note-taking with the sound of his voice alone:

The issue is that I’m not a touch typist — I can type, but normally just with two fingers. The flow of ideas is a lot quicker with the Otter app.

No stranger to voice recognition software, Paul has sampled a variety of transcription technologies only to end up disappointed in the result:  

Historically, I was an early adopter of a product called Dragon, which was speech-to-text. I’ve always been interested in speech-to-text; however, the execution has not always been that good. It can be sensitive to ambient noise, and you have to invest in specialist microphones with Dragon.

Unlike other voice transcription solutions, Otter is able to effectively separate speech from ambient noise, providing Paul with real-time transcriptions with a high-degree of accuracy:

I’ve been stunned at how good Otter is at picking up audio when I’m in a cafe or use a microphone that belongs to the cell phone. I found it really versatile and effective.

Above all else, Paul trusts Otter as a solution that’s able to deliver exactly what it promises:

What I love about the ability of Otter is that it works. It just works — straight out of the box. In other words, as to what it says it’s going to do, it’s just absolutely fantastic for me.

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