Featured Marketer - Dupe Ajayi

. 2 min read

Dupe Ajayi has been deeply entrenched in the digital world as a marketer for more than ten years, working in such positions as Digital Communication Manager for the New York City Housing Authority, Digital Engagement Manager for the Brooklyn Public Library, and as a consultant on digital matters for Columbia University, CBS and many other prominent companies and organizations.

As a native New Yorker, Dupe grew up in an environment where she learned that in order to rise to the top, you need to use everything at your disposal to maintain an edge. Earlier in the year, when she was hired to work as a key member of the marketing team for a major new project –– a state-of-the-art center for arts and culture in the newly developed Hudson Yards area in New York City –– she turned to Otter Voice Notes for such assistance.

She found it challenging to meet the many demands that came with the opening of the space, and even with her experience Dupe says it was tough to keep up. There was an entirely new artistic concept/vision for the center, then the newness of the physical space itself, working with a brand new team with many responsibilities at once. Dupe decided to look at what technological help might be out there to help her manage all of her tasks and remember all of her interactions. She soon came across Otter Voice Notes and learned how it uses AI to transcribe conversations.

“I was so grateful to Otter, because it was able to get me on track,” she says, explaining that Otter helped give her extra time to go over conversations she had with different partners involved with the center and build a strategic plan. By using Otter, she could not only gauge what her colleagues were saying, but how they were saying them. Otherwise, she said, there's no way that she would be able to capture everything and she would likely miss key moments. She also explained how Otter enables her to focus on the person speaking, so she doesn’t have to keep her head buried in her laptop while taking notes.

“I have this thing where I like to engage the person that I am speaking with, so [Otter] has just really been a lifesaver for me and it frees up space for me to be present and to not stress over writing down exactly what was just said.”

She quickly began using Otter all the time, although at first, she admits that she didn't have high expectations. Like many other Otter users, though, she instantly got hooked when she saw how well it works.

“I was praying, sort of. And then when I started to see how it functioned, I was like, ‘Wow,’ and I felt like I needed to have it. It’s just very helpful, and from a strategic perspective it helps me me think about building this program, which is a big deal. Now I can really hear what it is that people were saying and that makes me smile.”

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