Featured Product Manager — Megan Huynh

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Since the onset of the global pandemic, there has been a massive shift in the way businesses conduct their operations. As remote working environments become the new normal, communication and meetings over a distance pose particular problems, especially if the remote team is spread over different time zones.

Megan Huynh, a product manager, works for a fully virtual company where she often has to communicate with her team members over different time zones. Before using Otter, she had to remember information on the go, take manual notes, and risk missing out on important information.

However, Otter has given her the power to conduct and record interviews and meetings. So not only can she store recordings and save them as a transcript, but she can also allow her teams to view the meeting minutes later, regardless of the time zone they're in.

"Otter has really boosted my confidence in my work because now I know that every user interview I conduct is stored somewhere for me always to look back to."

The best part is that Otter can distinguish between two different speakers and translate them into separate scripts, making it a lot easier for everyone to understand who is saying what.

One of the major issues that product managers face when conducting online user interviews is the inability to translate everything the applicant is saying on the other side of the screen. In the haste to translate correctly, ask questions and understand concepts, often, product managers tend to forget essential information.

Otter made it possible to record and transcribe the interviews and allow product managers to make video observations to collect valuable insights. They can focus on what the speaker is saying instead of focusing on how to record and transcribe.

In fact, Megan recommends Otter to her colleagues who couldn't be a part of user interviews. According to her, they love Otter because it makes them feel like they were part of an interview without actually being there. They can also listen to the recordings later on, at their convenience.

"I love that the transcription is so smart, and I can get as close as I can to understanding what people are actually saying. Highly recommended; keep up the good work, Otter!"

If you're looking for ways to assist people in their virtual communication and automate transcriptions, Otter.ai is here to help. Take advantage of Otter’s 600 monthly minutes of free transcription today!