Featured Student - Ben Ouyang

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For a busy student like Ben Ouyang, who’s studying medicine and biomedical engineering in the MD/PhD program at the University of Toronto, Otter provides help that makes complicated interviews a little bit more manageable.

Ben found out about Otter through word of mouth through his friend Guru Mahendran, and since he’s begun using the app to transcribe medical technology interviews for Medgadget.com, where he writes articles, he’s noticed a big difference.

“Transcribing interviews before Otter would take me hours,” he said. “It became a cinch after Otter.”

Users can record directly from the Otter mobile or web app, or they can upload an existing conversation and turn it into an Otter conversation in just minutes.

This makes it easier to find quotes and gather information. Instead of listening through an entire audio recording, users can simply search for the quotes they want using keywords.

“I can simply skim through the AI-generated transcript for block quotes to include in my articles,” Ben said.

Ben’s favorite component of the app is simple: the accuracy. And in addition to getting the words correct nearly every time, Otter also automatically punctuates, capitalizes, and adds paragraph breaks.

“It’s important to me that the text is legible,” he said. “I mostly deal with medical lingo, so occasionally I have to change words manually, but overall it’s fantastic.”

It’s easy for users to help the app improve by editing any small mistakes they find. They can even highlight important sections to make reviewing the conversation later on a breeze.

Another feature that Ben finds useful is the way that Otter identifies different participants in a conversation.

“I really like the automatic detection of multiple speakers,” he said. “Sometimes there can be multiple people in my interview (including me!) and it’s really convenient to separate who’s who in the transcript.”

Otter automatically identifies new speakers with high accuracy and can do it more accurately as it is trained to recognize frequent speakers over time.

For busy medical students with lots of work on their hands, Otter is a useful tool to make their academic lives a little easier. Sign up for a free account today!

Whether you’re just getting started or you're already a pro, we’d love to hear your experience using Otter as a student.

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