Featured Student - Justin Felder

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Otter isn’t just for two- or four-year college students. Because of its accuracy and convenience, the app is versatile enough to be used for all types and levels of education.

Justin Felder is a student working toward a Master of Divinity degree at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He has been using Otter since his second semester there, when he was looking for note-taking solutions for his lectures.

“I was just browsing the app store looking for an app that would record and have the ability to type the notes where I could see what was being said,” Justin said.

Other apps offered recording software, but he wanted something different.

“Sometimes in recordings you can't really understand what the professor is saying,” he said.

Now, though, Justin has found that Otter is a fantastic solution to his old methods of taking notes.

“Life before Otter was just recording the lectures regularly writing down what they said instead of actually being able to see what they are saying,” he said. “Now I use it for transcribing, which is the best!”

Otter is ideal for students who want to take a more active role in their classes. When students use Otter to generate notes from their lectures, they can spend more time focusing on what’s being said, asking questions as soon as they arise, and participating in discussions.

Students can then use Otter as a foundation to create their notes in the method that works best for them. Within the app, they can edit conversations for punctuation, capitalization, or paragraph breaks, and even enrich text with photos. They can also organize these conversations into folders for each class or topic, and even search for conversations using keywords.

Or, if they would rather use the text from their conversations elsewhere, students can easily export the text or audio recording to edit or save. Because users have the freedom to edit and organize conversations however they want, they can do a better job preparing for exams and final papers, and when it’s time to review, they can easily review every class session they attended, and even listen to each lecture a second or third time.

“My New Testament class lectures are always good!” Justin said.

For students around the world, Otter is a game-changing resource for taking notes. Otter helps them do a better job at creating notes, which frees them up to participate in class and be more engaged learners.

As Justin summed it up, “Otter is a life saver!”

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