Featured Student - Patricio Henriquez

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Between homework, research, exams and more, college is hard for everyone. Most international students have the added challenge of having to do all of that in their second language.

For Patricio Henriquez, a student from Chile pursuing his master’s in Cognitive Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at an English-language university in Netherlands, Otter has made his college life a lot easier.

“Learning from lectures has improved a lot after using Otter,” he said.

Patricio was first introduced to Otter when a classmate in his program told him about the app. Prior to that, he had some trouble with adapting to learning in an English-language environment.

“I had some trouble getting all the details from classes and Otter helps me a lot with that,” he said. ”To have the transcript of the classes, and also the possibility of listening to the class any time I need, is just amazing.”

Patricio has primarily used Otter to record class lectures and convert them to PDF files. Users can record their classes directly with either the mobile or web app, or they can upload existing recordings and watch Otter convert them to accessible Otter conversations in just minutes.

Additionally, Patricio uses Otter to help others.

“I always take a place in the first row so my Otter recording doesn’t miss anything,” he said. “This semester, I have a friend who is taking a course with me but got a job offer from another country, so I’m sharing all the classes with her and making it possible for her to listen to class.”

Patricio’s most interesting Otter conversations are from some of his most difficult and intensive courses.

“I think it’s crazy that I’m having courses on Deep Learning, and using an artificial intelligence app for that class is just awesome!” he said.

Because Otter is a smart AI, it can automatically do things like create paragraph breaks, punctuate and capitalize text, and generate keywords and word clouds that help users easily search their conversations for main ideas. After some training, it can also identify speakers.

But Patricio’s favorite part is how easy it is to share conversations.

“It makes the app a multi-platform tool that I can access everywhere and in every device,” Patricio said.

Whether you’re an international student looking to improve your ability to study in your second language, or even an English-language student trying to get ahead, Otter is the perfect tool to help you in all aspects of your college life. Sign up for a free account today and see for yourself!

“It's just amazing,” Patricio said.

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