Featured UX designer - Heather Applegate

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Heather Applegate, a UX design lead for a mobile team in Chicago, frequently consults with a variety of airplane and pharmaceutical companies. Tasked with carrying large amounts of UX research, Otter has become an indispensable part of her workflow:

"Otter is my go-to tool. We're going through seven weeks of research where we're trying to understand the customer journey. There are four or five different types of users, so we typically average 10 user sessions a week that are about an hour-long each. "

After using Otter to create real-time transcriptions, Heather’s team began to unlock the app’s full potential:

"I started to really explore what kind of power [Otter] has. And that's when we found the ability to highlight quotes, and share the transcription between the team members, and trying to think what else can we do with it. "

Whether Heather’s team is recording over Skype or on-site in a noisy environment, Otter is able to produce accurate, AI-assisted conversation transcripts

"There have been some instances where I've gone out and worked in the field with specific individuals. And I've tested out Otter’s ability to record it, and it actually works pretty well -- even with quite a bit of background noise, which was nice to see."

Using Otter transcripts, Heather now scans conversations for user patterns and highlights areas of interest to share with her team:

"The first step is for us to generate quotes, and then we take those quotes and start tagging them. From there, we start to figure out patterns within each of those tags and start developing an experience map off of that."

Otter’s highlighting and clipping capabilities reduce the amount of extra work necessary to find and share a particular piece of information:

"I can go in and highlight and clip certain quotes, which really helps out, and then you can even export those and it's like magic. I'm not having to jump in and out and make all these contextual switches between Otter and an Excel spreadsheet. "

Keywords have also become one of Heather’s most-used features, enabling her to easily sort through the information gathered in UX meetings:

"It’s a way for me to quickly look through everything. Let's say the people I was working with sell candy. I want to know about chocolate, so I would just quickly click through and see who all talks about chocolate and then tap on that actual keyword so that it pulls it up."

When collaborating with clients, Otter makes it easy to share transcripts through popular third-party integrations:

"For our clients, they have a specific Box account and they like everything going into there."

Even today, a seasoned Otter vet like Heather can still be surprised by Otter’s powerful collaboration tools:

"I have a partner that was running the session at the same time I was and I was like, I didn’t know can I record both in the same account! I was very excited by that."

Otter, the AI-powered assistant for capturing and sharing important voice conversations, makes it easy to generate fast and accurate conversation transcriptions. Trusted by companies like Dropbox and IBM, Otter’s collaboration tools allow conversations to easily be searched and shared, fully transporting notetaking into the 21st century. Take advantage of Otter’s 600 monthly minutes of free transcription today!