Featured UX Researcher - Louise Salih

. 2 min read

Louise Salih is a Senior UX Researcher at the world’s largest online wine community and most downloaded wine app.

Louise conducts user research to help her organization continuously improve its community-driven platform:

“Part of doing UX research is conducting a lot of interviews. I use Otter to transcribe my interviews.”

Taking full advantage of Otter’s real-time transcription capabilities, Louise uses her Otter recordings and transcriptions as an important point of reference in her research:

“I always end up re-listening to all my interviews because I usually have one-hour interviews. When I listen back, I use the highlight feature a lot to mark important sections.”

Louise takes advantage of Otter’s built-in transcription playback capabilities to speed up listening to conversations:

“When I re-listen to the interviews, if I’m in a rush, I listen to them on 1.5 or 1.25 because I don’t have time to listen to their original speed. I also like to skip silences — user interviews have a lot of silences and you have to let people think, look around, and click. That really helps me.”

Otter’s highlighting capabilities make it easy to find and highlight any important aspect of a conversation for future reference. Louise also takes advantage of Otter’s ability to effortlessly add rich media into any discussion. Otter can incorporate images into transcripts in two ways: through a dedicated camera button that can take a picture as a conversation is recording, or by uploading a photo when editing the conversation:

“I upload pictures because sometimes when we are doing usability testing or testing a mockup, I upload screenshots of the mockup to know what we’re talking about.”

Louise works with several designers and shares her annotated user interviews who also participate in the user testing process:

“I share one interview at a time with my team, so they can know what happened, read, listen, and understand what the user was talking about.”

As part of their highly collaborative process, designers access Louise’s Otter transcripts to better understand how a user interview unfolded:

“[Designers] go in and look at my highlights and find the important parts. Because I highlight the important insights with the screenshots, they know that, here, people didn’t understand this button, and this is what they said about it. I also use the comment feature to add additional comments.”

Louise joins teams at IBM, UCLA, and Dropbox who have seamlessly integrated Otter into their daily workflow. Make Otter’s AI-powered voice meeting notes part of your workflow today with 600 minutes of free transcription per month.