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Artificial Intelligence Improves Customer Experience by Improving Employee Experience

By Stephen Wakeling, Forbes Councils – read full article

Just like your employees, customers are inundated with information on a daily basis. To stay competitive, companies have to understand the needs of discerning customers, and provide near perfect customer experiences to win over new customers and retain existing ones. Rather than anticipating customer demands, having access to information in real time translates to a more effective way to conduct business operations.

For example, AISense released Otter, the technology that can record audio and then convert the speech into text in real time using voice recognition algorithms. AISense also powers transcription for the Zoom Video Communications platform. Business operations can become more productive and data-driven by reducing the need to go back and manually record notes and then send them out to colleagues to get everyone up to speed.

AI can help business operations become more productive and data-driven by reducing the administrative burden of day-to-day tasks. This frees up your employees to focus on the thoughtful and impactful work that staying competitive in today’s digital age requires. The human aspect in the workforce will not go anywhere any time soon, but rather it will evolve. From business results to customer experience, AI provides us with the opportunity to automate these processes more fluidly and effectively.