How to live transcribe Zoom meetings with and Soundflower on Mac

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Here are the setup instructions for Otter web version (Basic & Pro plans) to capture all voices in Zoom while you're using headphones:

1. Audio MIDI Setup

​Create a Multi-Output Device and check the checkboxes for Built-in Output (e.g. headphones) and Soundflower.

​Create an Aggregate Device and check the checkboxes for Built-in Microphone (e.g. headphones built-in mic) and Soundflower.

2. MacOS System Preferences > Sound

For Output, select Headphones

For Input, select External Microphone (e.g. headphones built-in mic)

3. Zoom desktop app Settings > Audio

For Speaker, select Multi-Output Device (i.e. headphones + Soundflower; so other voices can be heard by you and Otter)

For Microphone, select Built-in Microphone (i.e. headphones built-in mic)

4. Chrome Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Microphone (chrome://settings/content/microphone)

Select Aggregate Device (so Otter can hear your voice via headphones built-in mic and other voices via Soundflower)

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