In Otter Words - Kitty Kolding

. 2 min read

Kitty Kolding specializes in market research, and is an expert in analyzing consumer data. Once the CEO of Inforcore, a consumer data firm, Kitty is now the head of Chrysalis Partners, where she helps clients monetize data and make it easier to understand. Kitty and her team at Chrysalis use Otter to record conversations and transcribe sales calls. She says that relying on Otter helps keep the conversation more human, as she can focus on the bigger picture and come back to the technical details later.

At Chrysalis, Kitty takes complex data and puts it in a form that can be readily consumed. She calls it humanizing the data, going beyond data visualizations and infographics, and customizing the way data is presented depending on her audience. Kitty says that doing audience studies is where they use Otter the most, as they record interactions with the audience and use their feedback to fine tune the presentation. The difference in the way the audience perceives the information can make a huge difference, and can decide whether or not the listener fully understands the data.

Chrysalis works with a number of different clients, who run companies in all kinds of niches. She might need the technical jargon directly from the experts, and Otter works to record expert responses. Salespeople can then more easily understand technical concepts, and can translate industry-specific vocabulary and make it easy to understand for the average person. This makes Otter an important tool when trying to get new concepts across to potential clients.

Although Kitty says that she doesn’t yet use the full capabilities of Otter, she’s got her people at Chrysalis using some pretty advanced features. They use ACR integration to record sales calls, and the transcriptions and audio are then used to train new salespeople. Repeatedly listening to sales calls is the best way to train a new salesperson, according to Kitty. She is currently training her sales team on a new project, and Otter has taken an important role in that training.

Kitty says that during the uncertain times of the pandemic and remote working, she is especially grateful for the ability to turn data – something we all have in abundance at our fingertips – into something that delivers revenue and value. Being able to analyze data, and make it marketable, is a skill that will continue to provide value to Kitty and her customers for years to come.