Featured Business Student - Neil Mascarenhas

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Online learning has become the norm since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lack of face-to-face interaction has proved to be difficult. Otter has helped make online learning easier and less cumbersome for hardworking students like Neil Mascarenhas.

Neil is a full-time student taking classes online. After seeing an ad for Otter on Instagram, he decided to give it a shot. Right away he was blown away by Otter’s real-time transcribing abilities, allowing the app to do the work of taking notes, while Neil was free to give his undivided attention to the lectures:

Otter allows me to take notes on the lecture without difficulty and focus more on what I can retain and learn from what the professor is saying rather than just listening and writing down.”

Neil had gotten tired of constantly taking notes while the professor was speaking, which meant that he wasn’t able to completely focus on the material, and would often miss important details. Online learning is already riddled with distractions, and Neil felt like he was simply wasting his time.

Before Otter I would waste so much time writing down everything the professors were saying, but that has absolutely no viability with online learning and very long lectures with very little interaction.”

Neil and his classmate were taken aback when Otter was able to perfectly transcribe a professor who had a thick accent, showcasing Otter’s awesome AI transcription capabilities.

It was impressive because me and my friend couldn't really understand the professor at that pace but Otter could.”

Neil also uses Otter to work directly with the text he receives after transcribing. He says that his favorite feature is the ability to create notes in the transcription:

I really like the ability to highlight and write notes on specific things the professor is saying by just clicking and writing.”

Otter, the AI-powered assistant for capturing and sharing important voice conversations, makes it easy to generate fast and accurate conversation transcriptions that can be viewed, highlighted and commented on individually or collaboratively. Take advantage of Otter’s 600 monthly minutes of free transcription today!