announces Live Notes for Zoom on CNBC Squawk Alley

. 2 min read automatically transcribes your Zoom meetings as they happen

Sam Liang, founder and CEO of, joins CNBC's Squawk Alley to discuss the new partnership with Zoom to transcribe live calls.

“In the last month, we’ve seen 5X growth in terms of meetings that have been transcribed.”
– Sam Liang, Founder & CEO at

At a time when most meetings, events, and classes are going virtual, remote workers and students increasingly struggle to listen and pay attention while taking notes. Now more than ever, businesses and schools need tools that can capture information accurately and make accessible immediately.

Otter Live Notes is a new feature that enables Zoom meeting hosts to provide live transcription and collaborative note-taking to all participants, making remote work and learning more accessible and productive.

Check out this demo to see how it works:

Demo of Otter Live Notes for Zoom

The Otter Live Notes feature is initially available to businesses and educational institutions with Otter for Teams and Zoom Pro (or higher) plans only. There are no additional per-minute fees!

Why Otter?
• Hands down the most affordable AND accurate in the market, period
• Available cross-platform (iOS, Android, and Web) on all your devices
• Packed with collaboration features to save time and boost productivity

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