Brings New AI Capabilities to Zoom Customers at Zoomtopia

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New Transcription Features with Higher Accuracy in Zoom and new Otter Integration via Zoom App Marketplace are Unveiled


At Zoomtopia 2018, the Zoom Video Communications annual user conference, AISense announced that in addition to deepening its commitment to provide AI-powered speech technology to Zoom, it now offers an integration of its Otter Voice Notes product via the Zoom App Marketplace. Synchronization with Zoom via the new capability in the App Marketplace enables Otter account owners to automatically generate Voice Notes—including audio, synchronized transcript, speaker ID and keywords—for all meetings that are recorded in their Zoom account.

Last year, at the inaugural Zoomtopia, AISense announced that Zoom had selected technology exclusively to power automated transcription for meetings recorded on the video conferencing platform. Since launching commercially in January, this functionality has generated millions of hours of meeting transcripts making it easily the largest volume of online meeting transcripts ever created. At this year’s Zoomtopia the companies demonstrated new capabilities enabled via their collaboration. Zoom announced Zoom Voice, its cloud PBX solution, which includes automatic voicemail transcription service powered by technology.

The collaboration between AISense and Zoom has yielded a differentiated capability for Zoom customers. The speech recognition technology continuously improves in quality as it learns from processing the massive dataset generated by transcribed meetings on Zoom and conversations processed using the award-winning Otter Voice Notes consumer product. The latest iteration of speech technology deployed by Zoom reduces errors by 15% across all types of conversations and yields 18% fewer errors for phone calls.

“We were always impressed with the accuracy of the speech recognition technology, which has continued to improve” said Eric S. Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom Video Communications, who felt that “The results of our collaboration is changing how our customers expect to consume recorded meetings and is something that we will expand on in 2019 and beyond.”

The transcripts generated using the Otter speech engine enable speedy navigation of video and meeting content and may serve as an accessibility aid. In addition, by using the new Zoom synchronization feature, in Otter Voice Notes—which launched in beta in June and is now officially in the Zoom App Marketplace— customers are afforded additional capabilities. Otter users can edit transcripts, tag speakers, and share all or part of the resultant voice notes directly with others or via social platforms like Twitter and Slack.

“We are really proud that by working with Zoom our technology is being used to generate the largest ever volume of meeting transcripts,” said Sam Liang, CEO of, “Our close working relationship made it possible for us to be among the first companies to launch a product in the Zoom App Marketplace, bringing AI to video-conferencing, and serving the needs of the massive and fast growing number of Zoom users.”

Zoom is the first online meeting platform that integrates directly with Otter. In addition has integrated with calendar and contacts in GSuite, iOS and Android, to provide helpful reminders to record your meetings, auto-generate titles, and simplify sharing with one click. Connections to Slack and Twitter enable publishing all or part of a Voice Note in those platforms. Otter is a product where voice conversations can live regardless of where they are derived and a hub for searching and sharing these conversations.

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