Chrome Extension for Google Meet and Google Calendar

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The Google Chrome Extension transcribes and captions any Google Meet calls. Now it also lets you add Otter meeting notes to your Google Calendar events.

Using the Chrome Extension with Google Meet

With the Otter Chrome Extension, users can transcribe and caption conversations on Google Meet in real time and save the transcript to their Otter accounts for secure, shareable, and searchable access.

Google Meet transcription is available in all plans with no extra charge.

Using the Chrome Extension with Google Calendar

The Chrome Extension also adds a new “Add Otter Meeting Notes” button within Google Calendar, making it easier to directly link Otter notes to users’ virtual meetings ahead of time.

No more scrambling to share the Otter link once the meeting begins—now all participants can access the Otter meeting notes easily within the calendar invite. Once the meeting starts, just press record.

Otter Basic and Pro users can use the Otter mobile or web app, as well as the Chrome Extension for Google Meet to record and transcribe their meetings. The Chrome Extension also enables users to more easily link Otter Notes to Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex meetings.

In addition to the options above, Otter Business users can also record and transcribe with the Otter Assistant on on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex. offers the best automatic live transcription and note-taking experience for virtual and in-person meetings. is available in English across for Web, iOS , Android, Chrome, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex.


1. In the Chrome browser, go to in the Chrome Web Store.

2. Click Add to Chrome, then click Add extension.

How to add the chrome extension

3. Click the extension icon from the toolbar, then click the pin icon.

How to pin the chrome extension in your browser

Check out this tutorial video to see these steps in action.

How to install the Chrome Extension and transcribe a Google Meet meeting

Note for existing users:
If you had previously installed the Otter Chrome Extension version 2.10 or earlier, you will see a pop-up in your browser asking you to accept new permissions for Google Calendar. This permission is for the new feature to add Otter meeting notes to your Google Calendar events. Click Accept permissions to re-enable the extension.

New permission request to use the Otter chrome extension with Google Calendar


1. Once you have installed the chrome extension, open Google Calendar

2. Create a new event and click on “Add Otter Meeting Notes.” This will insert an Otter meeting link in the event description.

3. Choose who you would like to share these meeting notes with and their permission level. By default, they will be shared with your calendar event guests, with editing permissions.

4. Choose how you would like to record and transcribe this meeting. If you're an Otter Basic or Pro user, you can use the Otter web app, mobile app (Android or iOS), or Chrome extension (for conversations on Google Meet). If you're an Otter Business user, you can also use the Otter Assistant for meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex.

Check out this tutorial video to see these steps in action.

How to use Chrome Extension to add meeting note link to Google Calendar event

You're all set! Now, the people you want to share the meeting notes with can easily find the Otter link in the event invite.


1. Go to Google Meet in the Chrome browser.

2. Click on the Chrome Extension icon to open it.

3. Sign up or log in to your Otter account, if you haven't already.

4. Optionally select an Otter group to share this recording transcript.

5. Click the Record button to start.

6. Click the CC button to see the closed captions. Move and resize the panel, and adjust the font size as needed.

7. Click the || button to pause, then either click Resume Recording or Stop Recording.

8. The Google Meet transcription and recording is automatically saved in your Otter account.

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