Announcing The Winners Of Otter Stories

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Otter Stories Video Contest! We received over three hundred video submissions and we were inspired by all the wonderful and creative ways in which all of our users are using to help improve communication and collaboration in their professional and personal lives.

It was a difficult decision with so many wonderful stories, but we have selected these ten entries as winners in our Otter Stories Video Contest. The winners are:

Adam Burns, Amy Modglin, James Routledge, Joanne Brooks, Juliet Inyang, Lucie Chiocchetti, Lucinda Emms, Matt, Megan Huynh, and Veronica Conley

Huge congratulations to the 10 winners! We hope that you enjoy learning more about how these amazing users are using below!

  • Customers who use Otter to meet smarter and get more done. These are their stories.

  • “There was no good way for students to share the files together and remotely edit.”

    Adam Burns, Film Teacher

  • “Otter has helped me be able to be there with my family.”

    Amy Modglin, Business Owner

  • “Otter notates everything said, and we can pull out those key actions and share them again.”

    James Routledge, CEO & Board Advisor

  • “I can pay attention to the meeting and give it my full attention.”

    Joanne Brooks, CEO

  • “I handle a lot of interviews and political data analysis every week. It can get really stressful.”

    Juliet Inyang, Assistant Lecturer, PhD Student, Consultant & Executive

  • “I’m a terrible note-taker and I was losing so much time.”

    Lucie Chiocchetti, Business Strategist

  • “I’ve never been one of those who can take notes on the go.”

    Lucie Chiocchetti, Business Strategist

  • “I could physically write the transcripts. But that takes me 8 hours.”

    Lucinda Emms, Video Producer

  • “When the university went completely virtual, I panicked.”

    Matt, College Professor & Researcher

  • “If I’m not able to attend the meeting, I know that Otter is going to record and capture that conversation.”

    Megan Huynh, Product Manager

  • “I would search up the keyword ‘exam’, and Otter would bring up all the situations where the teacher has told me to remember something on the exam.”

    Veronica Conley, Mental Health Technician & Nursing Student