10 AI-Powered Tools That Boost Remote Work Productivity

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Remote work is on the rise right now, more than ever before.

However, working remotely is not without challenges. It can be quite difficult to focus and get things done and there are many distractions and pitfalls involved in working remotely. Many workers have had to adapt and develop new habits and strategies for staying on task.

To overcome the challenges and improve your remote work productivity, why not take advantage of the power of AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can really make a big difference on your remote work productivity. This technology uses the power of large amounts of data, combined with intelligent algorithms and fast processing. It allows software to learn automatically from patterns and features in the data, continuously working for you.

It has changed so many different industries and influenced our lives in so many ways. The power of AI has so much potential - so why not harness that potential to improve your productivity?

Here are 10 powerful tools that use AI to make your life easier and help you get more done when working remotely.

1. Timely: An AI-Powered Time Tracking App

Timely is a very powerful time tracking app that is designed to track what you do throughout the day, automatically grouping tasks into projects with labels and classifications.

Using a time tracking app like this can really boost your productivity, as it will show you how much time you spend on little things throughout the day. Those small activities really add up without you even realizing it.

The app works seamlessly, tracking your time with a very easy to use interface. The AI assigns tasks to project blogs, automatically classifying everything you are doing. The sophisticated AI classifier is updated based on user labels from thousands of users, so it only keeps getting smarter.

Also, you can make suggestions to the product labeling system, so the longer you use the app the more accurate it will be over time.

2. Trevor AI: Using AI To Plan Your Tasks

Trevor AI is another AI-powered time tracking and calendar app. It is designed to help you organize your tasks and schedule your priorities with the power of artificial intelligence.

First, you enter everything on your to-do list. You can even sync with apps like Todoist in order to bring together all of your essential tasks. Then, you can use the time-blocking feature to schedule your priorities.

This type of time management strategy can be the best and most productive way to tackle your tasks. You’ll make a realistic schedule for the day, then track your progress as you go.  Trevor will instantly sync with your Google Calendar, planning out your day for you.

An app like this is very helpful when working remotely, as it allows you to create your own sense of structure - even though you don’t have a team or an office around you.

3. Otter.ai: Take Smart Meeting Notes Automatically

Otter is an AI powered assistant that will use the power of machine learning to help you generate rich notes from your meetings, interviews, lectures and other voice conversations. This saves you a ton of time that you would have spent summarizing and writing your own meeting notes - plus it helps you get more out of your meeting time!

The app allows you to record and review in real time - giving you a clear, accurate and automatic transcription of every conversation. You can search, play, edit, organize and share all of your conversations from any device.

This AI powered transcription tool is incredibly smart. The rich, searchable notes it generates can include text, audio, images and key phrases. You’ll be able to see the speaker ID of everyone involved, so it’s easy to see who said what.

The app is powered by Ambient Voice Intelligence, so it is always learning and getting better. It can even learn to recognize individual voices and learn specific terminology.

4. X.ai: Schedule Meetings Quickly With An AI Assistant

Meetings are a huge part of remote working, as they can often be the only chance to connect with your team and make sure everyone is on the right track.

If you often schedule a lot of meetings and you have a tough time organizing your calendar, you might find X.ai extremely useful. It’s like having a very organized and helpful personal assistant to schedule all your meetings for you - except it’s an AI instead.

You can simply send your X.ai URL to anyone you want to schedule a meeting with and they can choose a time that fits on your calendar. Or, you can CC X.ai on any email and it will coordinate with guests to offer them a time for a meeting. The AI will verify the details with you before reaching out to your guests, so you’re always in control. It will then offer your guests available times to choose from.

One of the main drawbacks of X.ai is that it doesn’t work as well for scheduling meetings with multiple attendees, especially with others outside of your company. However, if you are mostly scheduling internal meetings - you might find this AI powered app incredibly helpful.

5. Krisp: AI-Powered Noise Cancelling App for Your Calls

We are all familiar with the frustration of trying to have a video call or a Zoom meeting with noise and distractions in the background. You can’t change your location or surroundings, and Zoom noise cancellation may not be enough. Whether it’s the background chatter of a coffee shop, the roar of street noise outside or your children shouting from the other room - noise can be distracting and bring down your productivity.

Krisp is an app that works to make you more productive by reducing background noise in your conference calls. You won’t have to worry about muting and unmuting yourself or looking unprofessional.

The noise cancelling technology behind Krisp is powered by AI which recognizes and removes any noise while making human voices crisp and clear.

It’s easy to install and it can be used with a wide range of conferencing apps, including Zoom, Slack, Hangouts, Skype and much more. Plus, all the audio processing happens on your laptop  and none of your voice data or conversations are sent to the servers - so everything is completely private.

6. Beautiful.ai: Automatic Instant Smart Graphic Design

If you often create presentations, slideshows, pitch decks or other materials, you know how long it can take to design them. To save yourself hours, try using Beautiful.ai to automatically adjust and optimize each slide in your presentation as you add content.

You no longer have to meticulously tweak your text boxes or line up your arrows - the AI applies the rules of great design to every slide it creates. As you add more text, the design will simply adjust to accommodate.

This impressive app exists in the cloud, so you’ll get plenty of benefits like cloud storage, data auto-saving and the ability to collaborate in real time with your team members. This is very helpful when you are working remotely, as you won’t have to email back and forth several versions of the same presentation when you are collaborating with others.

7. Brain.fm: Music Scientifically Designed to Help You Focus

Music can be incredibly powerful - especially when it comes to improving focus. If you are the type of person who likes to listen to music to improve concentration, you’ll love Brain.fm. You can use it from any computer to maximize your productivity while you are working from home.

This app uses music designed to improve your brain activity and help you focus and relax. The creators of this app teamed up with composers and scientists to create music that puts your brain in the most productive possible state. (In fact, they even received a grant from the National Science Foundation for their work.)

The technology uses an algorithm to take musical compositions and rearrange them to stimulate your brain activity and keep you focused. The effect is called “neural phase locking” and it keeps your neurons in a perfect sweet spot for productivity - not too soothed but not distracted either.

8. Grammarly: Make Sure Your Writing Is Always Correct

It’s a truly mortifying feeling to send off a very important email, then realize later you’ve made a glaring spelling mistake or grammatical error. It can make you look unprofessional and sloppy, especially in those situations when you need to put your best foot forward.

When you are working remotely, sometimes your written communications can be the only thing your clients and colleagues see of you. Therefore, it’s so important to make sure you look professional in your emails and other communications.

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant app that will help you avoid making those mistakes ever again. It catches your errors and offers suggestions and corrections you can make with the click of the mouse.

However, it’s not just a spelling and grammar check. It also detects the tone of your text - whether your language comes across as formal, friendly, optimistic, etc. It will even offer suggestions to make your writing more concise.

It allows you to spend less time proofreading what you write, while still knowing that you are communicating in a clear, concise and correct way.

9. Asta: Find Relevant Documents in Gmail Quickly

Asta is a clever Gmail extension that uses AI to understand what you are working on in real time, then recommends the most relevant documents. This is very helpful, since most remote workers spend a significant amount of time every day in their email inboxes.

It will help you save time searching through your folders for information, and avoid missing out on important documents and updates. The more you use the extension, the smarter it gets.

The recommendations adapt to your own preferences by using Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition to comprehend the topics present in your emails and documents. Then, it uses sophisticated machine learning to recommend the relevant files.

It also tracks your interactions, so it understands when you open or dismiss a document, updating its behavior accordingly. It’s worth giving it a try to see if this AI-Powered tool can help you use Gmail more efficiently.

10. YVA.ai: Get Quality Feedback From Your Remote Team

YVA.ai helps you to manage a remote team more productively by providing you with a smart AI-powered employee feedback system. It creates Employee Stress Heatmaps, which will help you to understand the issues your employees are struggling with and re-engage your people.

Every employee and manager will receive a smart report with a personal dashboard, recommending who they should connect with in order to achieve more in their career and professional development.

Working remotely can be very hard - especially when managing a team. This solution can be a powerful way to stay connected to your team and listen to their experiences - so you enable them to do their best.

How will you use AI to be more productive?

Adjusting to working remotely can be extremely difficult. With so much potential for distraction in the home environment, it can be incredibly challenging to focus and get work done efficiently.

It’s essential to take control of your productivity and use whatever tools you can to improve your performance. With the power of AI, many apps offer extremely impressive and powerful features.

With these 10 powerful tools, you’ll be able to make the most of AI technology and work efficiently no matter where you are in the world.