Foreign Student Learns English with Otter

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An inspirational story about a young Korean woman who is motivated to improve her English.

Lazy Park recently relocated from Korea to the UK to study for her master's degree. Like many foreign students, she is faced with the challenge of speaking English fluently enough to carry a conversation. She has decided to use Otter to check her pronunciation.

0:58 She picked a random news article and recorded herself reading it out loud to Otter.

2:50 She exported the Otter transcript and compared it against the original article.

3:50 She noticed that she mispronounced "state economy" as "steak nami."

4:35 The test result has motivated her to push herself harder to study English.

In her closing thoughts, Park said ...

"Well, this test is really me a headache. I will go harder to push myself to study English maybe?
Well, honestly, after coming here in the UK, I don't feel like having enough time to speak in English, spending most my time in reading and watching Korean dramas.
Well, this AI thing motivated me a lot ... when it comes to speak casually, like what did you do during weekends and stuff, I just can't understand what they saying. I felt like I am being a deaf, which is stressful ... I will practice harder."

Ironically, Lazy Park is anything but lazy. Hopefully her story would inspire more English learners to be empowered to self-improve with tools like