TechCrunch Disrupt Selects for Live AI-Powered Transcription

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The Otter Voice Notes app will live stream and publish the first searchable transcripts instantly at TechCrunch Disrupt

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AISense has reached a major milestone in its quest to make all important voice conversations easily accessible and searchable. This morning, the company announced that Otter Voice Notes, its AI-powered smart note-taking app, was selected to deliver real-time transcription on screens in the hall and in Otter on mobile and web at the world’s biggest and most impactful tech startup conference, TechCrunch Disrupt, held today through September 7th in San Francisco.

“Events of any size can use Otter to multicast transcription while attendees can focus on what’s being said knowing they will have easy access to accurate transcripts with summary information that are searchable and can be shared with others.”Tweet this

The latest version of Otter—with new highly-scalable social and multicasting features—will transcribe the keynote and panel presentations during the conference which will host an estimated 10,000 attendees. TechCrunch invited all attendees to download the free Otter app to avail of this new content. Otter Live, a new product feature, will enable users to view a real-time transcript of what is being said on the main stage by using a code to join the TechCrunch Public Group in the app. Using the new Public Group feature, TechCrunch will also make a searchable archive of transcripts and recordings of all sessions available to Otter users at Disrupt.

"We are impressed with Otter's transcription capabilities, which is why we are using it at Disrupt to help both our editors and attendees by providing accurate transcripts of the sessions on the main stage,” said Ned Desmond, COO, TechCrunch.

In addition, on Thursday, September 6th from 3:55-4:15pm at the Next Stage, Sam Liang, AISense co-founder and CEO will join Cathy Pearl, head of conversation design outreach at Google on a panel discussion about “Building a New Voice,” moderated by Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch. The panel will discuss how voice may be the next dominant interface and how to build for that future.

Otter provides a new way to capture, store, search and share important voice conversations and empowers users to quickly recall the important parts of lectures, presentations, meetings, and interviews. Disrupt is the first time that a massive, high-traffic conference has instantly processed verbal dialog from every presentation and panel to create a new form of shareable content for attendees that can be archived and quickly scanned for salient points.

Otter adds significant new value for event participants. Content from industry conferences and corporate events may sometimes be shared via slideshare or comparable handout. Presenters and panelists may use jargon, may extemporize going beyond any prepared remarks, or may be otherwise difficult to understand for some listeners. To capture, recall and share what they hear, attendees are burdened with note-taking, recording on their phone or recording device—or rely on their memory. Otter now takes care of the process.

“Disrupt is the perfect venue to showcase the appeal of instantly transforming voice conversations into searchable content to foster better understanding and dramatically amplify the usefulness of the content beyond the live event,” said Sam Liang, AISense co-founder and CEO. “Events of any size can use Otter to multicast transcription while attendees can focus on what’s being said knowing they will have easy access to accurate transcripts with summary information that are searchable and can be shared with others.”

Launched in February of this year to widespread acclaim, the Otter mobile (iOS, Android) and web apps are sophisticated yet simple to use. Users turn on the app when a conversation starts, and it continues capturing speech in the background until the conversation ends. Otter uses AISense's proprietary, AI-powered speech recognition technology that is optimized for conversations with multiple participants and challenging acoustic environments. AI also powers functionality that detects when different speakers take turns and identifies individual voices in a conversation, in the same way that AI recognizes faces in photos on social media.

In use for the first time at scale at Disrupt, is new functionality in Otter: the ability to create Otter Public Groups that event attendees or others may join using a login credential, and Otter Live which enables real-time multicasting of transcripts to members of a group. Along with providing a utility for event attendees who have a searchable archive of rich notes from all sessions — including ones that they couldn’t attend—Otter empowers attendees who may have a challenging time following what is being said to participate more fully.

Disrupt features programming across four stages, interactive workshops, and more. Otter will transcribe every panel in the Main Stage in real-time with a feed appearing on screens as an accessibility aid as well as in the Otter app for those who wish to monitor via their smartphone. Otter will process all sessions in the Next Stage in batch at the end of each day. The Disrupt Public Group will contain a searchable archive of notes from all sessions including full transcripts, synchronized audio, and key words.

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