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Otter Live Captions for Zoom adds AI closed captioning in real time for Zoom meetings and webinars you host. Participants can click a button to see live captions directly in the Zoom window.

Otter Live Captions for Zoom

Otter Live Captions is available to Otter Business subscribers at no additional cost (for a limited time).

• Meeting hosts need Otter Business and Zoom Pro or higher.
• Participants can view live captions for free
• Breakout Rooms are not supported. To transcribe Breakout Rooms, you can use Otter Assistant.

How to set up Otter Live Captions for Zoom

One-time Setup

To enable Otter Live Captions, please set up Otter Live Notes first by following the instructions in this article:

How to start Otter Live Captions in a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Host Setup

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to start Otter Live Captions in a Zoom meeting:
1. Start your Zoom meeting.

2. Confirm that LIVE on Live Notes is shown at the upper left corner of the Zoom window

​3. Click the Closed Caption button at the bottom of the Zoom window, then click Copy the API token.

​4. Click LIVE on Live Notes > View Stream on Live Notes to open Otter Live Notes in a web browser

​5. Click the 3-dot icon at the upper right corner of Otter Live Notes, then paste the API token under Closed Caption for Zoom. Click

6. You should see live captions in the Zoom window shortly.

Known Limitations

Otter Live Captions does not work in Zoom Breakout Rooms.

1. Use Otter Assistant for Zoom (requires Otter Business plan)
2. One person in each breakout room can do a side-by-side recording and share the Otter link in the Zoom chat window.

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