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Capture and share meeting notes automatically

Need an easier way to take meeting notes? Running late or can’t make a meeting? Otter Assistant can automatically join any Zoom meeting to record, transcribe, and share meeting notes for you.

✓ Schedule ahead and never forget to take notes again
✓ Save time & effort every meeting
✓ Works even if you run late or can’t make a meeting

All it needs is a Zoom invite link; no Zoom admin setup required! It also works for Zoom meetings not hosted by you.

Otter Assistant is a paid feature in the Otter Business plan.

• People with whom you share notes can use Otter Basic or higher
• Webinars that require registration login, Breakout Rooms, and end-to-end encryption are not supported
• Other options with Otter Basic/Pro: Zoom Sync | Side-by-side Recording

Setting up Otter Assistant

Setup is quick and easy. When you log into and see a popup introducing Otter Assistant, click Get started to begin.

Otter Assistant introduction popup

Next, Otter needs to sync your calendar events. Click Connect for each calendar app you use and sign in to allow Otter to access your calendar. When you are done connecting to your calendar(s), click Next to continue.

Sync calendar events

My Agenda lists your upcoming calendar events in the next 7 days. Click through the tutorial tips to learn what you can do on this page.

My Agenda

You are all set! Otter Assistant will join all Zoom meetings and share notes automatically. You have full control of which meetings Otter Assistant will join and share notes in My Agenda (see details below).

Otter Assistant setup confirmation

Managing Otter Assistant for all meetings

You can change the default behavior of Otter Assistant for all meetings by going into Settings at the top right corner of My Agenda.

My Agenda Settings

Auto-join all meetings
For maximum automation, turn on this toggle to invite Otter Assistant to join all meetings by default. You can adjust the Auto Join toggles for individual meetings in My Agenda as needed.

Auto-share notes to calendar event guests
For maximum automation, turn on this toggle to always share notes to all guests of a calendar event by default. You can change the sharing options for selected meetings individually in My Agenda as needed.

Sharing Permission Levels
• Viewer can view, playback, add highlights, and export the text and audio of the conversation, but not comment or edit.
• Commenter can comment, in addition to what a Viewer can do, but not edit the conversation.
• Editor can edit the conversation and add images, in addition to what a Commenter can do.

Send Otter links via Chat
For convenient access to the Otter notes during the meeting, check this checkbox to allow Otter Assistant to post the Otter link in the Zoom Chat window (about 5 and 15 minutes into the meeting).

Managing Otter Assistant for individual meetings

You can adjust the auto-join and sharing options of Otter Assistant for selected meetings individually in My Agenda.

You can adjust the Auto Join toggle for any meeting, overriding the defaults in My Agenda Settings.

Auto Join toggle

You can adjust the sharing options for any meeting, overriding the defaults in My Agenda Settings. Mouse over a meeting and click the Share button.

Sharing options

Share with calendar event guests
Turn on this toggle to share notes to all guests of this calendar event.

Share to group
Select an existing Otter group or create a new Otter group to share with.

Adding Otter Assistant to a live meeting

For any meeting that is not in My Agenda (e.g. an instant meeting that was not on your calendar), you can invite Otter Assistant to join this meeting on the fly.

Click the Add to live meeting button in My Agenda and paste the Zoom invite link (i.e. the full link including the ?pwd=...  portion at the end).

Add to live meeting popup

Using Otter Assistant with Zoom Breakout Rooms

Note: You will need to be the Zoom meeting host to use the Otter Assistant with breakout rooms.

  1. Invite your Otter Assistant to the Zoom Meeting.
  2. Once breakout rooms are open, assign your Otter Assistant to a specific breakout room the same way that you would assign any other meeting participant. You can read more about how to manage Zoom Breakout Rooms here.
  3. From its assigned breakout room, Otter Assistant will transcribe audio from that room.
  4. You can move your Otter Assistant in between different breakout rooms, but each Otter Assistant can only join one room at a time. The transcription from each breakout room will be added to the same meeting notes link.
  5. When breakout rooms close, Otter Assistant will leave and return to the main room.
  6. Otter Assistant will not participate in any polls.

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