Collaborate, Manage, and Search Media Files with Otter and Dropbox Integration

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Let’s face it. Transcribing interviews is the least favorite part of the job of many journalists, writers, and media producers. It is tedious, boring, and even dreadful, especially if you don’t like listening to your own voice. Creative teams can stay focused on storytelling and finish projects faster if they can have audio recordings and video footage transcribed automatically. automatically transcribes video and audio files in Dropbox partnered with Dropbox to develop an integration that simplifies the workflows of media teams.

“Otter Voice Meeting Notes enables Dropbox customers to get highly accurate and searchable transcriptions of their video and audio content over 40% faster and 90% cheaper,” said Simon Lau, VP of Product at “By connecting Otter's award-winning app to Dropbox, Otter will automatically sync media files from Dropbox and save the resulting transcripts back to the same folder in minutes.”

Check out this video demo of the Otter integration with Dropbox.

Demo of transcribing media files in Dropbox automatically

Get the Otter app for iOS, Android, or sign up on the web at Once logged in, you can link Otter to your Dropbox here.

About is the maker of Otter Voice Meeting Notes, a cloud-based, AI notetaking and collaboration app that captures and shares meeting notes live.

It automatically transcribes live recordings and imported files, extracts keywords, and even identifies speakers. Users can search and play back the audio-synced-with-text transcripts, edit and annotate with highlights, photos, and comments, as well as organize and share the conversations.

Otter is where your conversations live. 

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