How to transcribe any video with

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Transcribing a video is easy with

Simply import your video file into, or play your video in speaker mode and record with side-by-side!

Who can use this method?
• All users on all Otter plans: Basic, Premium, and Teams
• Up to 40 minutes per recording for Basic Plan users
• Up to 4 hours per recording for Premium/Teams Plan users

Follow these 3 easy steps to transcribe a video side-by-side with

1. Play the video on speaker mode (i.e. no headphones).

2. Record with running in a Chrome or Firefox browser window on the same computer, or the Otter mobile app on your iOS or Android device placed close to computer's speaker.

3. Check Otter's live transcription to make sure that the microphone of your recording device is picking up the sound from the video.

Check out this video for a demo of this side-by-side recording method:

Why Otter?
• Hands down the most affordable AND accurate in the market, period
• Available cross-platform (iOS, Android, and Web) on all your devices
• Packed with collaboration features to save time and boost productivity

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